Gite Cleaning Policy

Gite Cleaning Policy

Our Cleaning Regime

Details of our Gite cleaning policy are below, however, if you have any questions please contact us directly.

In addition to our usual routine, we want you to know we are cleaning:

  • door handles, cabinet and wardrobe handles, remote controls, light switches, appliances and any ‘high traffic’ surface
  • surfaces are cleaned then disinfected
  • soft furniture, if possible, is steam cleaned

We provide:

  • hand gel
  • cleaning products which are environmentally friendly

We ask you:

  1. To strip your beds and place washing in the yellow sacks provided
  2. To fold the throws off the settee inwards and place in the yellow sack provided
  3. To disinfect the door handle before you leave and place the key on the inside of the lock

Thank you.

Cleaning checklist – La Grue Gites Cleaning Policy

  • Aerate the rooms before cleaning (for at least 20 minutes) . We try to leave the windows and doors open for at least an afternoon.
  • Wash hands before and after each stage of cleaning for at least 20 seconds.
  • Wear disposable gloves for cleaning toilets.
  • Clean cleaning equipment at the highest temperature possible each time after use or throw away.
  • Clean first, then disinfect.
  • Use products that kill the virus as recommended by the Government (at least 70% alcohol).
  • Pay particular attention to often touched items – we have a separate check- list.
  • Do not forget soft furnishings – we use SANYOL disinfectant spray and/or a steam cleaner.
  • All washing to be at the highest temperature (90 degrees for bedding).
  • Empty the hoover after each cleaning session.
  • Check all products are within date.

We wear a plastic apron, mask and disposable gloves when cleaning to protect everyone.

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Consignes de ménage pour empêcher la propagation du COVID-19

We are being as thorough as possible with our Gites cleaning policy, however, you will still need to remain aware when away from the gites.

There is loads of great things to do surrounding La Grue Gites within our local area and local towns and beautiful countryside.

Contact us today with any questions you have and check out our location.

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